After arriving in Guangzhou it is not too easy to find an apartment quickly. Whether you are looking to rent an apartment for an entire family or a studio for yourself, living in the city center or in the suburbs, this list provides you with key advises for finding the right apartment compound in Guangzhou. Modern apartments in Guangzhou are often more expensive as they are in luxury compounds with better management, elevators and other facilities.

The most popular apartment compounds in Guangzhou are usually located in the City Center, such as Tianhe, Zhu Jiang New Town and Haizhu District.

Below we have listed the most popular expat compounds and serviced apartments in Guangzhou:

Compound NameDistrictType
Bai Yun
Castle Hill Luxury Home 白云堡豪苑Bai YunApartment
Golden Lake Garden 金湖花园Bai YunApartment
J living 高德公寓/朱美拉公寓Bai YunApartment
J Valley 金湖翡翠谷Bai YunApartment
Lakefront 山水庭院Bai YunApartment
Royal Harbor 碧海湾Bai YunApartment
The Riviera 天銮Bai YunApartment
Hai Zhu
Poly Cambridge 保利康桥Hai ZhuApartment
Poly Grand Mansion 保利天悦Hai ZhuApartment
Post Chateau 中信君庭Hai ZhuApartment
Regal Harbor 金海湾Hai ZhuApartment
Remmy Terrace 汇美景台Hai ZhuApartment
Somerset Riviera 盛捷服务式公寓Hai ZhuServiced Apartment
Pan Yu
Cape Coral Bay 珊瑚湾畔Pan YuApartment
Global Villa 锦绣香江Pan YuApartment
Riverside Garden 丽江花园Pan YuApartment
Star RiverPan YuApartment
Tian He
Ascott Guangzhou 雅诗阁广州Tian HeServiced Apartment
Beau Monde 天河新作Tian HeApartment
Favorview Palace Longxi Shan 汇景新城-龙熹山Tian HeApartment
Favorview Palace 汇景新城Tian HeApartment
Fraser Suites 辉盛阁Tian HeServiced Apartment
Green Garden 芳草园Tian HeApartment
Mandarin Oriental 文华东方Tian HeServiced Apartment
Oakwood Premier 方圆奥克伍德Tian HeApartment
OneLink International Apartment 君临国际公寓Tian HeApartment
Ritz-Carlton 丽思卡尔顿Tian HeServiced Apartment
Springdale Serviced Residence 盛雅服务式公寓Tian HeServiced Apartment
The Concordia 中怡城市花园Tian HeApartment
The Cosmos 誉峰Tian HeApartment
Victory Garden 凯旋会Tian HeServiced Apartment
Yue Xiu
Clifford Mansion 祈福华厦Yue XiuServiced Apartment
Victory Garden 凯旋会Yue XiuApartment
Gold Arch Residence 金亚花园Yue XiuServiced Apartment
Zhu Jiang New Town
Canton residence 广粤公馆Zhu Jiang New TownServiced Apartment
Central Park View 凯旋新世界Zhu Jiang New TownApartment
Emperor Mansion 嘉裕君玥Zhu Jiang New TownApartment
Fuli Edinburgh 富力爱丁堡Zhu Jiang New TownApartment
Jumeirah Apartment 朱美拉公寓Zhu Jiang New TownApartment
Jumeirah 卓美亚Zhu Jiang New TownServiced Apartment
King Peak Garden 汇峰苑Zhu Jiang New TownServiced Apartment
Park Vista 隽峰苑Zhu Jiang New TownApartment
Remmy Terrace 汇美景台Zhu Jiang New TownApartment
Royal Harbor 碧海湾Zhu Jiang New TownApartment
Starry Winking 星汇云锦Zhu Jiang New TownApartment
The Apex 领峰Zhu Jiang New TownApartment
W Apartment Guangzhou 公寓Zhu Jiang New TownServiced Apartment

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